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    What We Do – Battling eBook Piracy

    How eBook Guard Dog helps remove ebooks from unauthorized download sites

    Battling eBook Piracy

    eBook Guard Dog is a unique content management service. We specialize in the removal of unauthorized eBook downloads that are most often found on torrent, warez, and file sharing communities. The eBook industry is currently worth approximately $5.2 Billion, it’s big business and is growing rapidly. However more and more users are resorting to illegal methods to obtain their next premium eBook, the general consensus is why pay for something you can get for FREE?

    eBook Guard Dog proudly assists authors around the world in protecting their products and rightfully maximizing profits.

    When your eBook is found to be listed on a torrent or warez based website, we refer to this as an unauthorized download, or an unauthorized listing. We also refer to the websites that list the copyrighted content as an unauthorized distribution source. eBookLockup works on your behalf to remove unauthorized downloads, meaning users who wish to read your eBooks in future are required to purchase them.

    How Does eBook Guard Dog Remove Unauthorized Download Links?

    There’s no special tool available that will magically zap away unauthorized downloads, instead, eBookLockup aims to remove it with in-depth searches & E-communication. We search high and low, as well as utilizing our ever-growing list of unauthorized distribution sources until we are satisfied all illegal content is removed (dependent on package purchased).

    More often then not, in an effort to remain on the right side of the law, the majority of distribution websites adhere to the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act). eBook Guard Dog approaches the distributors and websites who are allowing users to access your products for free and serves them with a DMCA notice informing them of a copyright breach. The majority of website owners are very compliant and the offending content is removed immediately. Should we encounter an uncooperative web master, we may contact their web host directly.

    To date, we have removed hundreds of unauthorized downloads from a vast array of websites and communities. We save our clients a significant amount of time and money.

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